Imperial bún bò Huế



VIETNAMESE RECIPES | We Vietnamese all know bún bò Huế, a typical Vietnamese dish from Central Vietnam whose main city is Huế. My mum makes it, my aunts make it, mums of mums make it; bún bò Huế is one of those dishes you can’t miss if you go to Vietnam. Rumour has it that Huế has the best, the most sophisticated and the most authentic cuisine in Vietnam. It’s no wonder since the city used to be the country’s imperial capital for centuries, being at the center of an aristocratic and intellectual culture of mandarins and scholars. Huế’s cuisine is known for its delicacy, complexity and visual appeal. Because I only know the everyday home cooking version of Vietnamese cuisine, I decided to do some research. Continue reading


Bánh canh gà – Chicken noodle soup




It’s winter.

It’s cold.

We get sick so easily.

We yarn for comfort food.

I’m thinking of my grandma as I’m looking through the window.

I’m suddenly remembering what she was cooking when I was a kid. Continue reading

My mum’s phở bò



VIETNAMESE RECIPES | Almost two years ago a colleague gave me the idea of starting a food blog. Curious and whimsical, I went on with the idea, but I never thought I would enjoy it so much. Neither did I think that it would be so challenging. It isn’t just about writing and explaining recipes step by step. You have to constantly interrupt your cooking in order to take photos. Then, those photos need to be classified and edited before being published. But learning all this was so much worth it! A whole new world was opening before my eyes! Just google “food design”, “food photography” or “food art” and you will see that our planet is in a total food frenzy! I spoke to many of you who asked me to create an English version of my blog … and I listened because I was so touched by your interest. Continue reading