Sevilla’s barefoot Carmelites’ cake



DESSERTS | When you love cooking, you often have many friends who also love cooking. In my case, a very good friend of mine not only loves cooking, but most of all loves baking… She’s really the kind of friend you need to have, especially since for her, making this kind of cake is not a chore but a leisure activity laden with pleasure: Continue reading


Apple rhubarb meringue pie



SEASONAL RECIPES | Do you know Färm? It’s a Brussels-based sustainable food cooperative. For the moment, they have 3 shops – one at Tomberg, one at Sainte-Catherine and another at Hankar – and a fourth one is opening soon in Uccle. The cooperative aims at giving access to sustainable and healthy food to the masses. In those shops, you will find food and cleaning products, all organic, ecologic, sustainable, and local. Continue reading

Strawberry tart (gluten free, vegan and raw)



VEGAN RECIPES | I’m not a vegetarian. But I reduced my meat consumption a lot. I think we call that a “reducetarian” nowadays. I’m  not a vegan either. But I understand that vegans refuse to contribute to the human arrogant and cruel exploitation of animals, especially in the dairy industry where cows have holes to their stomachs sometimes. However, when I look at the Belgian countryside in the Ardennes, I think we’re still better off than in the US when it comes to the dairy industry. Cows seem to have lots of space and are fed with grass and not some bizarre and suspicious dry animal food. I agree they are still raised for human consumption, but we’re still far from stinky massive and overpopulated ranches.

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