i am …

– Why don’t you start a food blog ?

– You mean, me ?

Well, well, I have never really thought about that…….. So let’s see, I do love food, yes, I love food very much. So much that I cook every single day. Yes, every single day. But what do I cook? I don’t even recall… most of the times I just invent things on the go, not noting down what I just made. Sometimes, I feel nostalgic of all the delicious dishes from my childhood, prepared by my mum, my aunts or my grandma. I can still picture my grandma making rice noodles while sitting on the kitchen floor or slaughter a chicken she just brought back from the market. My mum was alway so busy at the kitchen stoves as she was preparing delicious meals for a six-person household. Whenever there was a family gathering, each one of my aunts would prepare her specialty and we would all have a feast together. Those memories are very precious in my heart.

With this blog, I now have the occasion to rediscover all those traditional Vietnamese dishes, from North to South, as well as their stories and legends, and to share them and convey all that knowledge.

This blog also led me to a completely new path ! Career change, intensive professional cooking training, traineeship in a slow food restaurant, cooking traineeship in Cyprus… Who knows where all this will lead me ?

Get your chopsticks ready!