Sevilla’s barefoot Carmelites’ cake



DESSERTS | When you love cooking, you often have many friends who also love cooking. In my case, a very good friend of mine not only loves cooking, but most of all loves baking… She’s really the kind of friend you need to have, especially since for her, making this kind of cake is not a chore but a leisure activity laden with pleasure: Continue reading


I tested and loved … the « Wild Food Walk » by Herbae



I TESTED AND LOVED | I wanted to write this article a couple of weeks ago, but something else would always get in the way. Fortunately, the topic is still relevant today, so I hope some you may be inspired by my recent discovery of Herbae, an urban aromatic herbs garden, part of the Chant des Cailles Farm in Watermael-Boitsfort in Brussels. The most diverse series of herbs are grown there, from the most common to the most forgotten, like wormwood, horsetail or ground elder. Anja and Anouk run the place with passion. Continue reading

I tested and loved … “The New Nordic Diet” on coursera online learning platform



I TESTED AND LOVED | Hi everyone!

Today I’m writing about a free online course I recently enrolled on the online learning platform coursera named “The New Nordic Diet”. I just completed the quizz for week 1 and found it so interesting I thought I’d share the information with you. But what exactly is this “New Nordic Diet”? Continue reading

What does a traditional Vietnamese dinner look like?


OTHER STORIES | Before we go on with traditional Vietnamese recipes, I would like to give a short introduction on Vietnamese dining customs, which are very different from Western ones. Here, after ordering our food at the restaurant, we are usually served one plate per person. If the atmosphere is very familiar, with friends or family members, for example, you may possibly taste your neighbour’s food. In Vietnam, it doesn’t go that way. Dining is a social activity whereby everyone gathers around a table to share a meal and eat from the same dishes. Those are served in the middle of the table, and everyone may take from any dish with chopsticks. A bowl of rice accompanies the meal. So if I post, let’s say, a sautéed vegetables recipe, it would be part of a larger meal with one, two or three other dishes. See it a little bit like tapas or mezze. And, if one day you have the chance to be invited to a Vietnamese banquet (which I really wish for you !), don’t rush on the first plates that will be served. You never know what may come next, and it usually feels like it never stops coming ! Continue reading

I tested and loved … Androula’s Cypriot cooking classes


plat principal du cours du 14 décembre

Monday 14th December’s main course

I TESTED AND LOVED | Hi everyone!

It’s been a while right? Well yes, I spent 6 months abroad and I had no kitchen to keep up with my blog… Well, I did have one, but with no gas to cook… Too bad right? But it doesn’t mean I quit cooking, on the contrary! I left for a traineeship as a cook in a 5-star hotel in Cyprus! And now I just got back to Belgium only ten days ago, but I already miss it so much that when my sister said: “One of my colleagues gives Cypriot cooking classes, do you want to go?”, I was like: “Oh yeaaaaaah, let’s go!” Continue reading

Nha Trang, Vietnam

DSC_3221_Nha Trang

PHOTOGRAPHY | Nha Trang in Vietnam