Strawberry tart (gluten free, vegan and raw)



VEGAN RECIPES | I’m not a vegetarian. But I reduced my meat consumption a lot. I think we call that a “reducetarian” nowadays. I’m  not a vegan either. But I understand that vegans refuse to contribute to the human arrogant and cruel exploitation of animals, especially in the dairy industry where cows have holes to their stomachs sometimes. However, when I look at the Belgian countryside in the Ardennes, I think we’re still better off than in the US when it comes to the dairy industry. Cows seem to have lots of space and are fed with grass and not some bizarre and suspicious dry animal food. I agree they are still raised for human consumption, but we’re still far from stinky massive and overpopulated ranches.

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Chia pudding with apple, pear and cinnamon



VEGAN RECIPES | Last weekend, I had the chance to attend the Mind, Body & Spirit Cyprus festival in Limassol. One whole weekend dedicated to yoga, alternative healing therapies and methods, meditation, holistic nutrition… One weekend of pure bliss! Besides, the organisation managed to bring icing on the cake by offering all participants a little bag filled with chia seeds! Continue reading

Cypriot vegetarian stuffed vine leaves (κουπέπια νηστίσιμα)



CYPRIOT RECIPES | I wanted to cook … but I wanted to make something Cypriot this time, and had no idea where to find halloumi, real feta cheese or real yoghurt made from sheep’s milk. Well, thanks to the Cypriot cooking class, I found out Brussels has a supermarket specialized in Mediterranean food! Yes, no kidding! The supermarket is named “freshmed” and is located in the rue de l’Escadron in Etterbeek. There, you can find products from Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Morocco and even Cyprus! It is next to the metro station Thieffry, so it is really, very convenient. During my first visit, I found dried mint, sheep yoghurt, halloumi cheese, vine leaves and durum flour (technically the same as what is called “village flour” in Cyprus) … Perfect for making stuffed vine leaves, tzatziki and ravioli! In Cyprus, stuffed vine leaves are called κουπέπια, not δολμάδες like in Greece. They are cooked with tomato sauce and are not served with egg lemon sauce. Today, I am presenting a vegetarian recipe (κουπέπια νηστίσιμα), because there will be lots of opportunities in the near future to cook meat, especially with the holidays approaching! So let’s get started. Continue reading