I tested and loved … “The New Nordic Diet” on coursera online learning platform



I TESTED AND LOVED | Hi everyone!

Today I’m writing about a free online course I recently enrolled on the online learning platform coursera named “The New Nordic Diet”. I just completed the quizz for week 1 and found it so interesting I thought I’d share the information with you. But what exactly is this “New Nordic Diet”?

You probably know the two-Michelin star restaurant noma in Copenhaghen. In 2003, Claus Meyer and René Redzepi decided to open a restaurant based on a new and progressive concept: to redefine Nordic cuisine, using only local products while making the impacts of food on health and the environment the basis of a new diet. In 2004, they gathered with several other Scandinavian chefs during a Symposium and signed a “Manifesto for a New Nordic Diet”.

The online course is about how this movement started and developed. Today, it has become a worldwide frenzy, while in Denmark, it is backed by the government and by scientific research. Study domains include dietetics, environmental studies and sensory science (in this case, mostly taste) so as to develop new methods to introduce healthy but unpopular foods to the public. The way I see it, we can call it a national program aimed at reteaching citizens how to feed themselves healthily. I believe the benefits of such a policy are huge: transition from an industrial agro-economy towards a local, small-scale and environmentally friendly economy; increased individual well-being and improvement of global public health (we all know that today, diabetes has reached epidemical proportions); and restored importance of cooking, which had become an unglamourous chore after the golden sixties, while “gastronomy” had become increasingly snobbish.

It’s not about conquering the world with a new Nordic magic pill. It’s about defending the principles of the Manifesto no matter what country. Its principles can be applied on any territory: use of local food products, healthy cooking methods, and sustainability.

So, the course is free, lasts for 4 weeks, started last Thursday, and the first quizz deadline is on 6th March. Week 1 includes over 1 hour videos, but you can fast track them to 1.25x, 1.50x or even 2.00x. You can also download subtitles. For 45 EUR, you can purchase a certificate in pdf format, which is sent through a downloadable link if you completed all quizzes correctly within the deadlines. You can also link that certificate to your LinkedIn profile. The direct link to the course is here. And if you also suffer from learning bulimia, coursera has plenty of other courses on so many subjects! Astrophysics, philosophy, psychology, self-development, English composition, nutrition … a real treasure vault worth sharing!

Write to you soon!





The Nordic diet: Healthy eating with an eco-friendly bent


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