Sevilla’s barefoot Carmelites’ cake



DESSERTS | When you love cooking, you often have many friends who also love cooking. In my case, a very good friend of mine not only loves cooking, but most of all loves baking… She’s really the kind of friend you need to have, especially since for her, making this kind of cake is not a chore but a leisure activity laden with pleasure: Continue reading


Apple rhubarb meringue pie



SEASONAL RECIPES | Do you know Färm? It’s a Brussels-based sustainable food cooperative. For the moment, they have 3 shops – one at Tomberg, one at Sainte-Catherine and another at Hankar – and a fourth one is opening soon in Uccle. The cooperative aims at giving access to sustainable and healthy food to the masses. In those shops, you will find food and cleaning products, all organic, ecologic, sustainable, and local. Continue reading

I tested and loved … the « Wild Food Walk » by Herbae



I TESTED AND LOVED | I wanted to write this article a couple of weeks ago, but something else would always get in the way. Fortunately, the topic is still relevant today, so I hope some you may be inspired by my recent discovery of Herbae, an urban aromatic herbs garden, part of the Chant des Cailles Farm in Watermael-Boitsfort in Brussels. The most diverse series of herbs are grown there, from the most common to the most forgotten, like wormwood, horsetail or ground elder. Anja and Anouk run the place with passion. Continue reading

Strawberry tart (gluten free, vegan and raw)



VEGAN RECIPES | I’m not a vegetarian. But I reduced my meat consumption a lot. I think we call that a “reducetarian” nowadays. I’m  not a vegan either. But I understand that vegans refuse to contribute to the human arrogant and cruel exploitation of animals, especially in the dairy industry where cows have holes to their stomachs sometimes. However, when I look at the Belgian countryside in the Ardennes, I think we’re still better off than in the US when it comes to the dairy industry. Cows seem to have lots of space and are fed with grass and not some bizarre and suspicious dry animal food. I agree they are still raised for human consumption, but we’re still far from stinky massive and overpopulated ranches.

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Tagliatelle al pesto di rucola e asparagi di Bea



SHALL I DINE AT YOUR TABLE? | For Bea, cooking has always been a family affair. La Chicca (pronounce Kikka), her nanny, taught her almost everything. Together with her mum, let’s be honest. But la Chicca was always in charge of making la pasta. Don’t be misled by her small and frail demeanor; when it comes to kneading dough, she shows a herculean strength, no matter how many guests are expected. Even today, she always wants to make pasta for everyone, despite her old age and blurry vision. Italy is one of those country with a real culture of hospitality and gastronomy where you never, ever let anyone step out of your house while still hungry… I don’t know about you but I love that! 🙂
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Imperial bún bò Huế



VIETNAMESE RECIPES | We Vietnamese all know bún bò Huế, a typical Vietnamese dish from Central Vietnam whose main city is Huế. My mum makes it, my aunts make it, mums of mums make it; bún bò Huế is one of those dishes you can’t miss if you go to Vietnam. Rumour has it that Huế has the best, the most sophisticated and the most authentic cuisine in Vietnam. It’s no wonder since the city used to be the country’s imperial capital for centuries, being at the center of an aristocratic and intellectual culture of mandarins and scholars. Huế’s cuisine is known for its delicacy, complexity and visual appeal. Because I only know the everyday home cooking version of Vietnamese cuisine, I decided to do some research. Continue reading

Chicken bolognese and the invisible zucchini



THE KIDS CORNER | My nephew got chickenpox. To assist my brother, I helped to take care of his sweet little darling for a few days. He’s almost 3. Right in the middle of his ‘no’ and ‘it’s mine!’ phase. Yes … exactly  ;-). Besides, he refuses to eat anything that’s green. Worse, he screams and glues sticky rice in his hair if you dare force him to eat his vegetables… I hear you… Help!

But you know what? He’s so cute that you just forgive him everything and anything in a second with only one look at his sweet little face. You don’t believe me? See for yourself… Continue reading

Chia pudding with apple, pear and cinnamon



VEGAN RECIPES | Last weekend, I had the chance to attend the Mind, Body & Spirit Cyprus festival in Limassol. One whole weekend dedicated to yoga, alternative healing therapies and methods, meditation, holistic nutrition… One weekend of pure bliss! Besides, the organisation managed to bring icing on the cake by offering all participants a little bag filled with chia seeds! Continue reading

Bánh canh gà – Chicken noodle soup




It’s winter.

It’s cold.

We get sick so easily.

We yarn for comfort food.

I’m thinking of my grandma as I’m looking through the window.

I’m suddenly remembering what she was cooking when I was a kid. Continue reading

I tested and loved … “The New Nordic Diet” on coursera online learning platform



I TESTED AND LOVED | Hi everyone!

Today I’m writing about a free online course I recently enrolled on the online learning platform coursera named “The New Nordic Diet”. I just completed the quizz for week 1 and found it so interesting I thought I’d share the information with you. But what exactly is this “New Nordic Diet”? Continue reading